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Musician, instructor and producer offering guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, ukulele lessons and bass lessons.

Scott is the vocalist/guitarist in the Americana Prog Rock band Birds Over Arkansas.



Musical blurbs ranging from guitar lessons, word craziness, piano lessons, sciencey brain stuff and drum lessons.

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Post #1: Tying The Room Together

Scott Haskitt

Yep. I'm writing a blog. Because... well, day to day, between lessons, performing, practice, songwriting, session/production work and trying to keep up with goals I've set either years ago or last week, things can seem a little scattered... I imagine, especially to Laura, and likely, our neighbors. In better moments of clarity, I always realize there's a common thread tethering all this noise (beyond just being actually pretty noisy). Most obviously, together these things help along my progress musically, which has been my most consistent and longest-standing form of self-validation in my life. At any rate, it's a close second to Calvin and Hobbes. 


So, my goal here is to try to dig up and follow that line, be more cognizant of the link between the days in a way that helps me to do all these things in a more coherent stride. Along the way, I hope to make some discoveries that are helpful to me, but not in such a self-indulgent way that it's painful for others to read. Which also means I'll be posting weird sciencey music videos of planetary periodic polyrhythms and lo-fi audible atomic displacement patterns, and possibly some kind of weekly audio clip of things I'm working on. 

Oh, and my father has been urging me to start a blog for a while now. I've realized he gives pretty good advice. So there's that. Hi Dad. :)

That's all for now. I have a lot of work to do getting this site up and starting a LivingSocial promotional campaign in the coming week for my online guitar lessons. 

I'll leave you with a video of an unfinished classical chorale-ish piece for Ukulele I was working on a while ago. It's rough, but I really liked it and have been meaning to get back to it. 

Thanks for reading!