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Milford, CT, 06461
United States


Musician, instructor and producer offering guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, ukulele lessons and bass lessons.

Scott is the vocalist/guitarist in the Americana Prog Rock band Birds Over Arkansas.


When students/parents ask what my main instrument is, the short answer is "drums, but it depends on what I'm doing". It's a hard question to answer in the moments I'm usually trying to get back on the road to another lesson, so I will address it more fully here. The long answer addresses how I approach teaching music, regardless of the instrument. To learn what my experience and playing/teaching abilities are on each instrument, please select below. 

Here are some key points in understanding music from a multi-instrumental perspective (links under construction!):

  • Music Theory is approached differently on different instruments
  • Polyphonic vs. monophonic instruments
  • Rhythmic vs melodic instruments
  • Instruments with short and long sustain
  • How harmony is affected by frequency range
  • Intuitive vs. non-intuitive instruments
  • Acoustic vs. electric vs. sampled instruments